Renaud de Beaur…

Renaud de Beaurepair on baclofen initiatives outside France

Thank you for your mail. We are active in France to promote baclofen in the treatment of alcoholism. We have created 3 associations (one for the patients, one for the physicians, one for education). We alert (warn?) the authorities. We organize conferences, we use the medias. We investigate the effects of baclofen and we have published results (Rigal et al, 2012; de Beaurepaire, 2012 – this last paper has been censored by PubMed Central – why??). Two clinical trials are in progress (Bacloville and Alpadir). 
We are also trying to understand the reasons why governments are so reluctant to approve the use of baclofen in the treatment of alcoholism. I am presently writing a book investigating this issue (“Why to we let alcoholics die” – in French). 
We have many enemies…
We have no contact out of France, but we would indeed be happy to develop such contacts. 
Renaud de Beaurepaire

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