The Science of Addiction and Relapse

This is an excellent visual explanation of how addiction works and how addictive triggers can be suppressed by baclofen. It gives an idea of how incredibly quickly an addiction is triggered in the brain and why addiction has to be treated medically in the first instance.

3 thoughts on “The Science of Addiction and Relapse

    1. Hi,

      Vivitrol and Baclofen work in entirely different ways. Baclofen is a gaba b agonist so it compensates for a lack of endogenous GHB, as does alcohol. By replacing this chemical it takes away alcohol and addictive craving giving a person the space to think clearly. It has side effects which have to be monitored and dealt with through slow increases in dosage and reduction when appropriate. These do dissipate with time but it is not an easy treatment. It does work though and allows for other therapies and drugs to be introduced if necessary. It allows the brain to recover. Vivitrol is an antagonist. It should be taken while drinking as per the TSM method. It causes upregulation of neurotransmitters so it is a bit of a losing battle and does not lead to abstinence at all.
      There are some who have used both drugs at the same time, and also continued to drink under control. Others find baclofen works at lower doses. Vivitrol in terms of self prescribing networks is losing ground to baclofen particularly among those who are the prime movers in this type of treatment.

      1. It is difficult for me to reply to your response since I have never regarded the Sinclair Method a legitimate method in the use of Naltrexone for treating alcoholism. That method is considered pretty much a joke to those of us who seriously use Naltrexone and Vivitrol in our treatment protocols.

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