Help with alcoholism

If you have come here for the first time, you may wish to go to our section on prescribing which contains thePrescribing Guide for baclofen published by doctors in France.  If you are looking for a doctor to help you we have a section on how to find a doctor.   Those wanting to find support in their treatment from a supportive community who can guide them through all of the steps of finding a doctor, getting  baclofen, dosage and side effects should go to the Mywayout forum on this link:


This is a non profit site. Our only income to support the site is through a small fee paid by River Pharmacy if you order baclofen here.  River Phamacy is a Canadian pharmacy  and is a safe source of prescription baclofen.  If you want a free counselling session from River Pharmacy you can get that through our link to Debbie the Coach underFree Assessment and Consult.  


If you are looking for a home based rehab service with 24 hour telephone support using baclofen we suggest you contact Dr. Phill Thomas at Baclofen4Alcoholism.  We would like to thank Dr. Thomas for his contribution in writing most of the original content of this web site.


You will find both on this forum and on the Mywayout forum many stories of complete recovery from alcoholism.  We hope you find this site helpful and wish you success in your recovery and new life. 

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