Wikipedia now mentions baclofen as alcohol treatment

 Wikipedia’s alcoholism page now contains a reference to baclofen:

Baclofen is an agonist for the GABAB receptors[2][3] which suppresses the motivation to consume cocaine, heroin, alcohol, nicotine and d-amphetamine[4] by inhibiting both withdraw symptoms and cravings.[5] The use of baclofen for the treatment of alcoholism came to widespread public attention as a result of the publication of The End of My Addiction by Dr. Olivier Amesen in 2008[6], later re-released as Heal Thyself. Currently, clinical trials of baclofen are underway in several countries in Europe and the United States with a view to having baclofen licenced for the treatment of alcoholism.[7][8]


This perhaps reflects that the drug is starting to be accepted simply because of the widespread successful use by a large number of people, as well as the press coverage it has received and studies underway.



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