Meeting with Dr. Renaud de Beaurepaire

I met with Renaud de Beaurepaire in Paris ten days ago. Dr. De Beaurepaire told me that he and his colleagues will be opening new sites for doctors prescribing baclofen in English and German similar to the RESAB French site. He will be setting up conferences in the next year and writing on baclofen. The two year study on baclofen is nearing completion and will be finished in May 2014. He will then compile and publish the results. The results will be positive and this will facilitate the licensing of the drug in France and elsewhere for alcoholism

We discussed the situation in the USA and the UK and I brought him up to date on developments. He was surprised at the slow uptake of the drug by doctors in English speaking countries.

Dr. de Beaurepaire will be reaching out to doctors in other countries by offering courses and by writing English articles for posting on the new site.

It is hoped that the end of the trial will remove difficulties or objections to prescribing which might exist outside France.

Dr. de Beaurepaire has 600 patients who he treats with baclofen.

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