The Olivier Ameisen Foundation

I just posted this over on a new site I opened up a while ago in honour of Olivier Ameisen:

Olivier Ameisen died in early 2013 of a heart attack. Prior to his death I offered to set up a charity in his name, something which he was happy to support. Doctors in France and Switzerland associated with Resab have set up the Olivier Ameisen Research Foundation which will be rolling out a number of English language initiatives which will tie in with the approval of baclofen in France in the new year, 2015.

I haven’t taken this site forward as I am working on a paper about the legal aspects of baclofen treatment and have been in contact with the doctors in France.

My other sites and are up and running with lots of information about baclofen and the Prescribing guidelines so please check them out.

I have not set up a users forum because there has been a lot of trolling and spamming of any baclofen forums over the past couple of years.

It is hoped that a new baclofen users forum will open in the new year as well. Until the, please feel free to use the “forum” page on the USA site

It is a comment board but it is all I can manage at the moment given the high volume of spam on proper forums and at least with this forum I can monitor what goes on the boards.

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