Welcome to the Ameisen Foundation

The Ameisen Foundation is a non-profit patient’s rights advocacy project which promotes understanding of alcoholism treatment through baclofen. It’s purpose is to support patients using baclofen and their families and to press for changes in legislation relating to the use of baclofen in the treatment of alcoholism and to educate about the changes in understanding of alcoholism which baclofen treatment represents.

Alcoholism is no longer an untreatable, incurable illness or not even an illness. The discovery of the mechanism of alcoholism by Olivier Ameisen is of profound importance in medicine. Ameisen formulated the undelying neurological condition of addiction itself. Evidence of this is that baclofen is being tested, with success, for many addictions and also for autism.

This should and is giving rise to changes in approach to alcoholism treatment by doctors around the world. This, in turn, will necessitate changes in approach to what are called "outcomes" of alcoholism. In other words, if alcoholism is now treatable, this means that the consequences of alcoholism, in terms of criminal prosecutions and interventions by authorities in the lives of families affected by alcoholism, must be approached differently.

We are now sponsoring a paper on criminal and family law issues arising out of alcoholism and the effect baclofen will have on these areas of the law. It is hoped this will be released for the use of legal and medical practitioners in the next few months. We will keep you advised.

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