Judicial attitudes to alcoholism and HDB

Here is a link to my presentation at the Colloque in Paris: Judicial attitudes towards alcoholism

If a treatment for alcoholism comes along which shows that it is a neurological condition which can be treated easily, then what should the judicial response be to this?  Indifference?

Alcoholism a a huge problem in the legal world because it it is strongly associated with violent behaviour and child neglect cases. In fact, in child neglect cases, it is considered neglect simply to be an alcoholic parent because of the perceived effect alcoholic behaviour has on children.

Baclofen presents a way forward not only in terms of providing a treatment, but it also shows a way forward in addressing the legal problems arising out of intoxication.  The theory behind the use of baclofen shows that alcoholism is indeed and illness, and not just a poor moral choice by the alcoholic.  It shows this with modern science including brain scan technology which shows how addiction affects the brain and how baclofen treats it.

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