A Plan of Action for Baclofen treatment

Are you a sufferer, or do you care for someone suffering from alcoholism or addiction?

The whole of this site has been prepared to make it as easy as possible for anyone new to Baclofen to find out as much information as easily as possible.

The purpose of this page is to provide you with an outline Plan of Action.

Firstly, you need to get a flavour of what this is all about. Might High-Dose Baclofen be right for you?

We recommend that you read Dr Olivier Ameisen’s book The End of My Addiction.

This has been the starting point for the vast majority of people who find out about Baclofen, and how it might help alleviate chronic anxiety and the cravings of coming off alcohol.

If the book resonates with your own life and story, your next port of call is to find out considerably more about Baclofen.

Unfortunately, your General Practitioner and / or alcoholism specialist or counsellor will almost certainly know little about Baclofen. Some may have heard of it, and merely dismiss its use out of hand.

If you decide that High-Dose Baclofen is right for you, then you need to either find a doctor willing to prescribe it for you or you need to obtain it over the internet.

It is our most strong advice that you must do all that you can to obtain your Baclofen from your own General Practitioner or alcoholism specialist.

Self-prescribing your own Baclofen, which you have obtained from an on-line pharmacy is NEVER to be recommended.

Unfortunately, very many thousands of people around the world have no option but to obtain their Baclofen on-line. It is vital that they do all that they can to do this as safely as possible.

Whether you are getting your Baclofen from your doctor or via the internet, you will need to understand how to take it. The Prescribing Guidelines give a good basis upon which your doctor can start prescribing baclofen.

It is at this stage that visiting our User Forum can be of great benefit.It can be a great help to ‘chat’ anonymously with others who have gone, or are going through exactly the same thing you are.



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