Appeal by Thomas Martin against the ANSM

The husband of a baclofen user has appealed the decision of the French association for medicines safety which, last year, decided to advise all doctors and pharmacists to restrict the use of baclofen for alcoholism treatment to 80mg per day.

Recours de l’épouse de Thomas Maës Martin contre l’ ANSM (the wife of Appeal of Thomas Martin Maes against the ANSM 


GOOD NEWS : The appeals were filed Wednesday and Thursday before the Council of State.

In summary, they argue:

– the serious and immediate threat to the position of the applicant and public health (40 000 persons concerned)
– the existence of a triple procedural including the obligation to make an assessment of the risk-benefit ratio before changing RTU
– a manifest error of assessment of risk would have regard to scientific data acquired in science,
– a manifest error of assessment of the benefit-risk ratio;
and ask:
– the immediate suspension of the modification of the RTU and the return to the formulation of March 2017
– the injunction under penalty of publication of the terms of this ruling on the front page of the website ANSM and the Ministry of Health,
– the injunction under penalty of dispatch to all hospitals and private practitioners, general practitioners, specialists, pharmacists with a letter informing them of the return to the old RTU.
The particular parts produced:
– Briefs, articles and scientific studies (BACLAD, BACLOVILLE, BEH, CRPG)
– Medical certificates and prescriptions with a prescription containing 16 refusal to issue pharmacies
– Newsletter of the College of Pharmacists
– Letter ANSM healthcare professionals
– Testimonials
– Press the SFA
– Petition
– Tribune BLADE Association
– Clippings
– Press the Health Minister Marisol Touraine
– Tribune twelve universities (12 Professors of Medicine)
– Open letter from members of the CSST
– Interdepartmental Report of May 2017 on the real life studies

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