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There is a new mainly US based for alcoholism treatment with baclofen and other medications.   Its called The End of My Addiction and has been going for a year or so.

Judicial attitudes to alcoholism and HDB

Here is a link to my presentation at the Colloque in Paris: Judicial attitudes towards alcoholism If a treatment for alcoholism comes along which shows that it is a neurological condition which can be treated easily, then what should the judicial response be to this?  Indifference? Alcoholism a a huge problem in the legal world because … Continue reading Judicial attitudes to alcoholism and HDB

Welcome to the Ameisen Foundation

The Ameisen Foundation is a non-profit patient's rights advocacy project which promotes understanding of alcoholism treatment through baclofen. It's purpose is to support patients using baclofen and their families and to press for changes in legislation relating to the use of baclofen in the treatment of alcoholism and to educate about the changes in understanding … Continue reading Welcome to the Ameisen Foundation