Users’ Support Chat Forum

There is a new users forum called The End of My Addiction  where you can get support in finding a prescribing doctor from other users of baclofen, naltrexone and many other medications used in alcohol treatment.

5 thoughts on “Users’ Support Chat Forum

  1. Hi, I am currently detoxing from dangerous levels of alcoholism, so far so good 🙂 I am about to begin a course of Baclofen to help with cravings and also my long term anxiety. Can anyone tell me what to expect in the first few days and weeks? I’d really appreciate your experiences. Thank you Jonbryson

  2. I love the site! I am just beginning my baclofen journey, and will continue to post progress updates on my blog (see below). In the short time I’ve started taking baclofen, I’ve already noticed extremely positive results. Anyone who’s interested can stop by to check it out.

    I hope to hear from anyone who is either currently using baclofen for the treatment of their addiction, or anyone who is planning on doing so.

    Thanks again for this incredibly informative site!

    1. There are a number of people who are involved in promoting this issue. Many are on the My Way Out forum. I am waiting for word from a doctor in Paris about further developments which should move this treatment to the next level. The trials of the drug are likely to be finished and the drug licensed for use. At present it is now a recommended treatment for alcoholism by all doctors in France after the alcohol agency there issued a temporary recommendation for use, “RTU”, earlier this year pending the completion of further trial results. The trial ended in the spring and the results are being prepared for submission to the government.

      There will be a new English language baclofen user site and forum and I will try to keep everyone updated with developments.

  3. I agree but I was watching news about a Hep C drug, Sovaldi, which is costing patients $85,000 for a course of treatment. The issue is that baclofen is cheap but drug companies are only interested in products they can develop and then recoup profits from, in the range of $billions. That’s why they aren’t interested in baclofen and are trying to move on to other drugs which can generate them a profit. The money involved means they aren’t interested in helping baclofen and also, they have the financial and political power. They also have media contacts and advertising which baclofen supporters don’t have. That’s why this is a public heath issue which governments and doctors have to act on now and not wait for some development which isn’t going to come because the key players don’t have a financial incentive to do anything.

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