Arbaclofen – New Trial for Autism Treatment

The Epiphany autism blog reports. Wednesday, 27 November 2013Autism Clinical Trials, Arbaclofen (STX209), Curemark CM-AT and the Clever Chiropractor   In the world of clinical trials for drugs, judging success and failure can be highly subjective. They try to make it as logical as possible and the method works pretty well for assessing things that you … Continue reading Arbaclofen – New Trial for Autism Treatment

Autism and Baclofen

Autism and Baclofen Recent studies in autism have shown the effectiveness of STX209, a drug which is chemically similar to Baclofen in the treatment of autism.  It is 10 times more potent than Baclofen and target the same Gaba receptor.  Not available to the public until at least 2013 it give hope for the treatment … Continue reading Autism and Baclofen